Fighting to protect what matters most… our quality of life


Lee and his family moved to Seminole County in 1958. His mother and father were the founders of Maryland Fried Chicken and opened the first store in Fern Park. Lee started at the age of 12 washing dishes and by 16 Lee had become the store manager of the Sanford restaurant.

Their first house was on Bear Lake Road in Forest City where the family did not even have air conditioning until he was 14. During high school, they moved to Longwood where he graduated from Lyman High School and was captain of the swim team. That began his commitment to the Seminole County public school system. Lee put himself through UCF by using the money he saved from working in high school, a part time job and scholarships.

While at UCF, Lee was elected Student Body President. After graduation, he settled in Altamonte Springs where he lives today. Lee’s parents taught him patriotism, faith in God and hard work – virtues Lee still treasures today. Read more…
Seminole County has been my home for over 50 years. It’s a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

Preserving our neighborhoods while promoting responsible economic growth is my top priority.


  • Cut government spending and keep taxes low
  • Keep Seminole County Public Schools the best in the region
  • Attract new jobs and promote small businesses
  • Keep our neighborhoods safe
  • Protect private property rights


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